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summer skin care tips

Yeah, Summertime! The majority of us endure the same heat in summers, but there are people whose face continues to remain clean and bright all season long.

Sure, that is part of the summer beauty care tips or summer skin care tips, but still, the pros have to try a bit harder to avoid breakouts and mitigate sun exposure throughout the summer months.

In addition to the odd summer sunburn, UV radiation may also intensify certain typical indicators of facial aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and face bulging.

The elevated temperature and humidity may also lead to many skin issues in summer, including excess oiling and shine.

When you decide to change your skincare regimen over the summer months for certain factors, here, we share the best skincare routine of the summer season.

Continue to read to learn how to cultivate the most flawless skin during the summer season by adopting the ideal advice for the hot and humid months ahead.

Here are The Top 10 Summer Skin Care Tips 

This is a guide for the development of a skin-care regimen for the hot summer months with no further ado. Follow such suggestions for flawless, safe skin and on the hottest days of summer.

Boost the Skin-care Routine

When you don’t wear a coat in summers so why would the skin wear it? Throughout the summer, Studio99 advises individuals that their skin-care regimen might need to be a little lighter much like their closet.

Summer heat and humidity ensure that a heavy cleanser (think cream or oil cleanser) can be substituted in favor of a soft, foaming alternative.

Embrace a Moisturizer that has Two Functions

Studio99 advises transitioning over summer to a mix of moisturizer and sunscreen to help lighten things up. For certain individuals, a lightweight moisturizer of 30 or better SPF can be best suited.

Studio99 skin experts (Best Salon in Delhi) also suggest that thicker moisturizers contribute to obstructed pores, inflammation, and pimples/acne.

Particularly if you have pimple-prone or oily skin, omitting one stage in skin-care with a moisturizer/SPF combination can be risky in keeping the skin clean.

However, Don’t Stop Moisturizing Fully

The additional coating of moisture on your skin isn’t called a moisturizer. Given that the hot and humid conditions, you still need to moisturize the face and follow washing with a moisturizer even though the skin is oily. This beauty tip is quite essential.

Moisturizers preserve the stratum corneum, the skin’s outermost layer, which defends against toxic toxins and contaminants and avoids any inflammation or dryness.

That is where the moisturizer/SPF mix comes in a lightweight formulation that can help in maintaining the outer layer nourished without becoming overly hard on your face.

Secure Your Skin With A Serum Consist of Vitamin-C

Vitamin C is perfect during the year, but all the more essential throughout the summer. Vitamin C can reduce hyperpigmentation, increases the development of fine lines and may aid with the output of collagen.

Don’t Forget Skin-care Exfoliation

Cosmetologists warn not to over-exfoliate, but to peel away the dead skin cells during summertime is very crucial.  They also recommend integrating “more exfoliation” into the skin-care regimen if you have dry skin.

Scale Down Your Bath Time

Over the summertime, more of us take a shower twice or thrice. The Cosmetologists advises keeping the bath short in summers about 5 to 6 minutes.

Over-bath or hot water shower can contribute to over-drying of the face that ultimately lead to irritation and even eczema in the summer.

Use Non-Comedogenic Makeup

Take a good glance at the labels on beauty items and hold just those that are non-comedogenic. This is a nice term for a drug that is made without the additives causing pore-clogging.

Particularly during the summer, wearing makeup that won’t overwhelm the face, and that includes alternatives such as a liquid sunscreen, a lightweight foundation, an oil-less primer is a good option.

Avoid More Sunlight

Try to cover up your face in a sun-protective way like wearing sunscreen, broad caps, and sunglasses in the summertime.

We’re not advising you to wear long-sleeve tops every single minute you’re under the sun, but be careful to reveal as little of your body as possible to intense sunlight because your face and body can differ in terms of tanning.

Stay Hydrated

Water is always vital for the skin. Strive for 8-10 glasses of water in a day and give your skin great results. Even though, water is very crucial in terms of recovery from suntan. Staying hydrated always gives you flawless skin.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Gorgeous skin comes with a balanced and proper diet. Increase the intake of Vitamin C fruits and leafy vegetables can reduce the signs of aging.

These are top 10 beauty tips for face you can remember during summertime. Stay tuned for more such tips.

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