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prevent sunburn Summers are approaching and it is the time that you will have to take proper care of your skin. Skin is the most sensitive of the human body and tends to get affected by the minutest of the environment change.

This simply means that you need to shield your skin from the scorching sun in the summers. This blog discusses 7 Tips to Prevent Sunburn This Summer. Read on further to know more about them-

Amazing Tips to Prevent Sunburn

# No sun from 10 to 2 – The beauty experts suggest to avoid the Sun from 10 AM to 2 PM. It is simply because the heat of the Sun is at its extreme in these hours and is harmful to the skin.

If at all, you are outside these hours then you must use an umbrella or any other type of shelter. Look out for protective clothing that can keep your skin covered.

# Wear Sunglasses – You should always opt for a pair of sunglasses when out in the Sun. It is better to choose a bigger size of the sunglasses so that it covers both the upper and lower eye area well.

Also, you should look out for the glasses that provide UVA and UVB protection, as it will protect the sensitive skin around the eyes.

# Apply Sunscreen – You must know that a cream with a higher number of SPF will provide better protection. According to The American Academy of Dermatology, a cream with SPF 30 is considered best for the skin.

Not only on sunny days but you should apply sunscreen lotion on the cloudy and chilly days too because even a little of sun rays can be harmful to your skin especially if you have highly sensitive skin.

# Wear Head Gear – Other than a hat, you should go for scarves and bandanas to keep your head covered. A scarf will cover your head, ears, neck and even forehead when tied properly.

If you are choosing a hat then go for a wide-brimmed hat, so that it keeps your face in shade.

On the other hand, if it is a baseball cap then you will have to use a sunscreen lotion to protect your ears and neck area. It is just that you have to make sure that your exposed skin is covered.

# No Tanning Booths – No doubt, you can get prevent sunburn but it has cons too. Since the tanning booths have lights that emit UV light, your skin can get damaged even more.

More than what good it will do to your skin, it will harm it. Also, you should know that even in the presence of tan, your skin will continue to get affected.

The studies have revealed that using a tanning bed can heighten the risk of malignant melanoma almost by 75%.

# Exfoliate – It is always better to keep exfoliating your skin at regular intervals. You must use a good quality of scrub that has soft scrubbing particles to clean your skin gently yet effectively.

Exfoliation will help you get rid of the dead and dull skin, making your skin smoother.

You should better go with an organic scrub or Aloe Vera based scrub, as it is suitable for all skin types including- combination, dry and oily. Scrubbing will also remove your light blackheads and whiteheads, making your sunburn visible less.

# Stay Hydrated – Keeping your skin hydrated will give your skin a glow at all times. For this, you can use skin-boosting products like a toner, which revitalizes and refreshes the skin.

In fact, you can use a toner spritz when you are traveling, working or at the gym. This way, your skin will stay hydrated.

However, if you have forgotten to apply the sunscreen then you should apply the cooling gel or other soothing cosmetics once you are back home.

What you can do is apply the cooling balm over the exposed skin and leave it on your skin. It will soothe the redness, rashes and inflammation if any. Also, you can reach to a salon franchise in Delhi to get your sunburn treated.

To choose the best salon, you can do a little research on the internet and shortlist a few salons that you think are offering the widest range of beauty services at an affordable price.

After knowing it all, you can choose a particular salon and reach it to get beauty services.

Make sure to approach a salon that has years of experience in the respective industry and has a good reputation. After you have reached the right salon franchise, you are sure to get the finest beauty treatment. Be beautiful, be you!

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