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Summers have knocked in and it’s the time to make changes to your beauty routine. Ways to Twist and Turn Your Summer Skincare Routine Just like the transition of the weather.

It is important that you make a transition to your skincare routine as well. The months of scorching heat especially May, June and July bring with them increased sun exposure, sunburn, tanning and acne.

To prevent such skin issues, it is inevitable that you bring the much-needed change in your skincare routine, giving your skin what actually it needs. This blog will discuss some of the most important ways in which you can provide food to your skin.

No doubt, summer brings with it joys of ice creams and coolers but it also invites lots of beauty concerns. The concern is not just restricted to the skin but also to hair.

In summers, your hair tends to go dry and frizzy, as the healthy oil of hair dries up, leaving no nutrition for the hair. Oh yes, you can call summers a high-maintenance season, as it requires you to protect your entire body from the flames of the sun.

To be saved from it, you should go through the following ways and twist and turn your summer care routine.

5 Ways to Update Your Skincare Routine in Summers

Boost Your SPF –

If you have been using only SPF 10 until now then get ready to pump it up. Today, you can find sunscreen creams and lotions that are non-sticky and some are even gel-based.

With this, there are brands offering creams with water-resistant formula and are instilled with the goodness of avocado, fruit oil and other essential vitamins.

You should lookout for a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30. In fact, it should not be a surprise if you get sunscreen in a face wash.

Hair Hydration –

The hair experts say that it is better to switch your skincare routine with the switch of season. This simply means that your winter care regime of hair should be altered in the summers.

What you do to your hair in cold months should change in the months of summer.

You should invest in products that are dedicated to treat dry hair and have ingredients like glyoxylic acid and silk. It should have moisturizing properties so that your dry hair receives the right moisture.

Detox Facial –

It is okay to not get facial every month but when your skin is in the transition of one season to another, you should get a detox facial. The beauty experts are also in favor of noninvasive exfoliating treatment.

The major benefit of this treatment is that it cleans the skin from deep within and allows your skincare products to work at a deeper level. So, you can visit your nearest salon franchise and get a professional detox facial done.

Exfoliate –

Exfoliating the skin is always recommended by the professional salons. For exfoliation, you can use salt with lemon squeezed on it.

This will clear your skin by clearing off the impurities and making your skin soft and supple.

In fact, it will also help in combating acne-causing bacteria. You can add the exfoliating ingredients to your scrub or face mask. You can do this all at your home only without any hassles.

Lighten Up –

While winters call for more and more moisture, summers actually don’t call for it much. If you have dry skin, you can surely apply a moisturizer but make sure that it is not oily.

You can use a non-sticky baby cream, to give just the needed moisture to the skin and then apply primer, foundation and other things that you use in your daily makeup and skincare routine.

Just remember, your skin does not require extra moisture and if you give it what it doesn’t want, you may end up with acne and other skin problems.

Contact the Right Salon Franchise in India

If you need assistance and guidance from a professional beauty expert to know about which products will work best on your skin in summer, then you should look out for a professional salon franchise near your place.

To reach the finest salon franchise, you can explore the search engines and check out the salons on the top results. You can shortlist a few, contact them and gain information about the beauty treatments that they offer.

After knowing it all, you can simply compare the prices of beauty treatments of these salons and then choose the one that offers the treatments at realistic prices and guarantees effective results.

After you have approached the best salon in India, you can rest all your summer beauty worries. You will be guided only with the best that can give a better life to your skin in summer. Happy summers!

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