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top 10 salons in india

Pros & Cons

A reputed salon franchise is evidence of a successful model already running on the road. Are you also considering going with this business?

And, still dreaming of starting a salon business but confused if it right for you or not? So, my dear friends you’re in the right place! Here, I’m sharing the pros and cons of Top 10 Salons in India which will clear every doubt you have.

The franchising industry has achieved popularity in recent years and amongst multiple sectors, salon and spa franchise is prevailing amidst new entrepreneurs due to its high profitability.

These pros and cons not only apply to salon franchises in Delhi but also to Top 10 Salons in India.


Here are some pros of the Top 10 Salon in India!

No Threats Involved

The greatest advantage of salon franchises is that it prevents threats or risks involved as compare to starting a new salon business.

Brand identity attached to a salon really matters! Nobody likes to try multiple salons every time. People look for a reputable salon and spa for beautification.

Expert Training Delivered

A reputable salon and spa franchise brand always provide expert training, excellent guidance, comprehensive support to the franchisees. The support involves- site selection, interior designing, digital marketing, and management.

Budget-specific Investment

Salon Franchise in India and especially in Delhi– are available at various investment costs; from normal salon to luxurious salon services.

Hence, it gives a scope to franchisees to choose a salon franchise as per her/his budget. While in turn, it pays a huge return on investment.

High Pay

As the beauty industry is thriving since the last few decades, the craze for makeup, hairstyles, pedicure/manicure, spa massages have gained popularity amongst youngsters and adults- renders salon owners with a high ROI.


Here are some cons of a salon franchise!

Obligation to The Rules & Regulations of Franchise

Businesspersons like to be their own boss, but with a franchise model there are some rules and regulations, directives, SOPs you have to follow- whether you like it or not. Hence there is a limitation to your autonomy.

Royalty Payments

On entering to salon and spa franchise, you agree to pay an on-going royalty payment to the franchisors for their excellence, expertise, idea, talent and the brand identity they have earned.

Management Issues in Brand Reputation

Regardless of how well-managed, effective, and popular your franchise is if any issue comes out like- bad publicity of a brand; deteriorating the identity, it’ll affect your business too.

Contract Agreement

When you undergo a franchise business, it is mandatory to sign a contract of laws, through which the breach of those laws can be dangerous for your business. You can even lose your salon franchise too.

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