Salon industry

As the time is progressing, Indian salon industry has also transformed over the last decade. The overall beauty and wellness industry of India in the year of 2017-18 was valued at around 85,000 crore and 30% is valued for salon industry with a CAGR of 27-30%.


Why Studio99?

Being a Studio99 franchisee, you’ll be at the cornerstone of franchising. This billion dollars industry is just a few steps away from you. It’s a chance to be competitive and to have some growth in the process. Here, Studio99 is giving you the top market opportunity to join hands with the industry’s topmost brand. With an investment of Rs 20 Lacs to 1 Crore range, you can fetch Studio99 to your locality.

  1. Studio99 salon, in terms of affordability and world-class services has become the talk of the investors
  2. We are the leading salon chain with pan India presence
  3. Tie up with top-most international beauty and wellness brands
  4. We provide comprehensive Franchise support with consulting, training and development
  5. Our Customer-centric approach makes are cherishable.

As our partner you’ll get:

Recruitment & Training

In terms of client retention, just like every other industry, the salon industry is also embellished upon its people. Our client consultation is perfect and we deal-in with client behaviour. Not only are we experts in traditional training but our certified professionals’ technical knowledge incorporated into their training is stand out.

Marketing & Sales

We make plans right from your showing interest; we help you find the strategic position to make it work for you with the right target group in the location. Our dedicated area manager can help you to prepare and implement the full roll-out from the rollout to the routine sales and marketing activities.


A Salon is differentiated from the clutter in the sector only by standard and service and operations. For this, our team will assist you in setting up the full operations according to our expectations and support you to manage them effectively. Via proper preparation of your operation team, we ensure uniform operational experience. To secure success over other local brands and competitors, we help you set the highest service quality levels.


Our holistic marketing plans help all our franchisees across the country coupled with regular sales-focused promotions will ensure steady business and growth for you. Innovative digital marketing coupled with online lead generation support, SEO, SMO, and SMM aimed at global, regional, and local levels to accelerate consumer walk-ins is part of our marketing programmes.


1.What is the total investment needed for owning a Studio99 franchise?

The total infrastructure investment to set a salon would depend on the site. The estimated investment range from Rs. 20 lakhs to 1 Crore excluding deposits of building, marketing cost & working capital.

2.What type of support I can expect from you?

From us, you will be getting support you in terms of site selection, training, recruitment of team members, and marketing and branding.

3.Do I need prior experience in order to run your salon franchise?

Well, it is not needed to have prior experience in this industry as we will be delivering you with all SOP’s and instructions needed to run and operate the business. However, you only need to understand people management.

4.In how much time will I be able to get returns?

With us, the average ROI would be ranging from 18 to 24 months.

5.Is it possible to invest in the training academy? If yes, then what will be the investment amount I require?

The training academy is something which is a base of any salon business and it is fundamental to the salon industry & individuals who have the zeal to excel in the Beauty & wellness industry can do better. Although it is an exclusive growing opportunity as several institutions have initiated centring on the Beauty & wellness industry glimpsing at the market potential. The investment to establish a Studio99 Academy would be 18-20 lacs.

6.What products you are using?

We use several international certified products such as L’Oréal, NuStevia, Cherryl’s, GK, AVL, and others.

7.How can I contact Studio99 to know more about products and other things?

For more information please call us at +91 9311210270, +91 9773572868 or mail your query to [email protected]

8.How would you do the marketing?

Our marketing including that of digital as well as traditional with all the upgraded technologies. Apart from this, we especially focus on what the location is, what the footfall of the area is, and then design any strategy. Customer loyalty and customer retention is our sole focus.

Begin your Journey in the glamour world today ! Be our franchise partner and become a part of this industry.


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