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protect hair from swimming

Temperature is rising and no doubt, you must be longing for a cool dip in the water. If you possess the talent for swimming then it must be your much-loved summer activity.

Swimming is not only a fun activity but also considered to be the best workout session. According to the fitness facts, a person on average can burn more than 500 calories by swimming for one hour, isn’t it great?

For the ones who are averted to going to the gym and bathe in sweat throughout the workout session, swimming is an ideal option. How to protect your hair from swimming as chlorine-proof while swimming?

Since everything comes with both pros and cons, chlorine used to keep the swimming pool’s water bacteria-free is unfortunately not healthy for a human body.

Chlorine has chemicals that can hit your skin and especially your hair. Yes, it can make your hair brittle, bleached and thin.

Wondering of ways to protect hair from swimming chlorinated water? If yes then go through the following discussed tips and tricks that can keep your hair safe by preventing the absorption of chlorine by your scalp.

Tips to Protect Your Hair from Chlorinated Water

# Shower Before Diving – If you have always overlooked the need to take a shower before hitting the swimming pool then the time is here to not do it further.

It is known that when you wet your hair with non-chlorinated water before swimming, it makes it tough for chlorine to get into your hair shafts.

You can better understand it by imagining your hair cuticles acting as a sponge. If not a shower then you should keep a hair conditioner handy and apply it on the hair ends. The moisture in hair will keep the chlorine damage at bay.

# Use Coconut or Olive Oil – Before you are off to swimming, you can apply either coconut or olive oil to the ends of your hair. You can also give your entire hair an oil massage for complete protection.

Anything will wash away but the oil in your hair will not slip down so easily when in contact with water. This means that your hair will remain shielded with a layer of oil, making chlorine to not ruin your tresses.

# Wear Swim Cap – It is simply inevitable to wear a swim cap before you land in the swimming pool. Even if you are going for a short dip, you must not avoid using a swimming cap.

If you are out on a vacation and forgot carrying your swim cap then make sure that you tie your hair properly, pin-up every loose strand or can also use a scarf to keep your hair protected from chlorinated water.

At least, a scarf will prevent chlorine from getting in direct contact with your hair.  The aim is to keep your hair away from soaking in the pool.

# Rinse After Swimming – The post-swim rinse is important as much as a pre-swim rinse. When your entire body is covered in chlorine, it is essential to get rid of that chlorinated layer off your skin and hair.

You should rinse your hair properly right after you are out of the swimming pool in order to wash away the harmful chemicals and prevent the building of metals.

The residual chemicals need to be washed away from your hair as soon as you are out of the pool.

# Use Specialty Hair Cleansers – You can invest on buying some specialty shampoos that help your hair getting rid of chlorine completely. Usually, the regular soaps hardly work on chlorine struck in the hair and it continues to damage it.

So, you can think of ordering a nice hair cleanser and keep your beloved hair safe and smooth, as you have always maintained them until now.

Surely, it is not a challenge to protect your hair from chlorine. All you need to do is to follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks and enjoy swimming while keeping no hair worries.

For those who are looking for guidance on most effective hair cleansers and shampoos or need good hair therapy, they can reach to their nearest salon franchise.

The salon experts will guide you with the best and will do what’s safest for your hair. So, it is time to keep the beauty of your hair intact while swimming. Happy diving!

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