Hair Styling

In order to emphasize or amplify facial features, a perfect haircut is tremendously crucial. Studio99’s professionals give you a unique, precise and customized haircut. Whichever style you choose for yourself, our hairdressers are competent to shape a style which not only distinguishes your persona but also brings a radiant glow on your face.

A decent hair style arrives with a decent hair wash and conditioning. You can completely rely on our hairstylists for latest trending hairstyles while maintaining your own taste.

Hair Colouring

Hair coloring trend never fades! Whether it is for concealing grey hair or for fun, hair coloring transforms a mediocre look to an impressive one.

Studio99 concerns for your hair health. That’s why we serve you an utmost care by using premium quality ammonia-free colors to maintain healthy and nourished hair while carrying out your favorite shades. Our hair color experts provides you a personalized service including root touch up, streaking, block coloring, creative coloring and lot more as per your overall persona.

Hair Highlights and Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights always remain in trend mostly among youngsters. Studio99 fulfills this trend with their premium quality services at reasonable prices. Highlights and lowlights give a unique and fascinating look to individuals. We provide ammonia-free and latest-trendy highlights and lowlights as per your personality to make you feel pleased.

Hair Texturing

Have you ever fantasized about modifying your hair’s natural texture? If yes, then you’re at the right place! Studio99 carries out Hair texturing services to transform lustrous curls to straight smooth linings or just a few wavy curls to improve your personality. You embrace a look and we will transform it for you. Starting from sleek, springy, super soft, straight to bouncy dazzle curls.


Studio99 is having hairstylists who assure you damage free keratin or hair straightening treatment- using internationally recognized and tested brands. Our hair smoothening treatment provides a long-term conditioning, stability and protection.

Hair Extensions

Hairstyle is solely responsible for your overall look. But how one hair-type can fulfill your aspirations of gaining multiple looks! For this reason, Studio99 has come up with hair extension service which gives you your desired look on any event. Besides, we offer superior quality hair extension that suits your persona.

Hair Treatment/Ritual

Hair is subject to everyday hostility such as harmful UV rays, pollution, extreme dust, intense heat etc. which can damage your hair. Hair treatment is remedy to this. Studio99 provides hair treatment services for rough, greasy hair, wavy or straight hair that exfoliates, strengthens the scalp and encourages growth of hair.