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summer makeup tips

Worried of your makeup melting off in the summers? With summers approaching this soon, you must be. Often, girls avoid attending functions and events in summers in fear of their makeup melting off right in the middle of the party.

If you are one of them then you are on the right page. This blog discusses some of the quick and summer makeup tips that you can follow and prevent your makeup from falling off in the heat.

These summer makeup tips will not only work on perfecting your makeup but will also keep you confident of your looks. Go through the following tricks to beat the summers this time-

Summer Makeup Tips to Keep Your Makeup Intact

# Use Oil Control Face Wash – You should start applying the layers of makeup only after washing your face with an oil control face wash.

Even if your skin is dry, you can start off with a mild oil control face wash to keep your skin dry hours after applying the makeup.

For this, you might choose to buy products of VLCC, Amway, Biotique and other brands that are into offering natural/organic products.

# Apply Ice – The beauty experts suggest that an ice massage before starting off with the makeup keeps your skin cool in the summers, which in turn prevents your makeup from a meltdown.

For this, all you need to do is to take an ice cube, wrap it in a muslin cloth or a cotton handkerchief and gently massage your face with it. You should leave the soft areas of the face like the under-eye area.

Also, do not put much pressure into rubbing the ice onto your skin, as it can leave rashes on your tender skin. You just need to do this massage for 5 seconds. Pat dry your skin with a clean towel and then apply your favorite shades.

# Use Toner – A toner has proved to be effective in keeping the makeup intact even in the scorching heat.

Dabbing cotton in toner and then applying it all over your face will leave your face refreshed and rejuvenated. It will make you feel fresher and will keep your makeup in place for hours to come.

# Say Yes to Primer – If you have underestimated the power of a face primer then it is the time to bring it in power. A primer will rest all your summer makeup worries whether you are getting ready for any day function or any night event.

Your primer will create a layer on your skin that will prevent sweat to come on the upper layer and cause makeup to fall.

Start applying the makeup on your T-zone including the forehead, nose and chin, as these areas are more prone to sweat. In addition to this, primer makes your skin smoother to apply BB or CC cream on the next layer.

# Keep Oil Blotting Sheets Handy – Yes, you should keep the oil blotting papers handy with you. When your skin catches sweat and you are urged to quickly apply the foundation, your skin then becomes patchy.

The better way is to dab the skin with the blotting paper first and then go on with any makeup layer further. These papers are very light in weight and are easy to carry. So, wherever you go next time, do carry these magical oil blotting sheets in your bag.

# Waterproof Makeup – To be saved from falling makeup mess, the beauty experts suggest using waterproof makeup.

Whether you are using kohl, mascara, lipstick, blush on, eyeliner or any other makeup product, you should use only waterproof products. True that it might cost you a bit higher initially but will keep you makeup-satisfied forever.

Approaching a Beauty Expert

If you think, you cannot handle doing your waterproof makeup all by your own self then you should approach an expert. You should lookout for a salon franchise that is not only reputed but provides an array of beauty treatments.

To choose one out of many available salons, you can first go through its customer feedbacks and even contact a few, if there is any contact information available.

Doing this will make your decision concrete whether you should visit that salon or avoid going there. To add on, the salon should have experience in the respective field, so that the desired results are guaranteed.

Once you have approached a professional Studio99 Salons, you do not have to worry about your makeup in summers. The salon will use the best available waterproof beauty products to keep your makeup intact throughout the event.

The professionals are professionals for a reason and you can absolutely rely on them. Thus, look out for the finest of the fine salon franchise in India and add glamour to your beauty. Be beautiful!

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