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Tips To Protect Your Hair from the Summer Sun

 Summers are just around the corner and with skin, the harmful UV rays of the sun harm your hair too. You must have noticed that your hair looks good throughout the year but the moment summers slide in, your bouncy hair looks flat and greasy.

The high humidity content in the air is responsible for weighing down your hair. To avoid letting your hair ruin in the scorching summer heat, you must take measures to protect it.

This blog discusses some of the essential Tips To Protect Your Hair from the Summer Sun and shield It. Read on further to know about the tips-

Important Tips to Keep Your Hair Protection In Summers

# Keep Them Covered – The first way to protect your hair from the summer sun is to keep them covered. You should know that UV rays are highly harmful to the hair and can ruin both the quality and texture of your hair.

Thus, you should keep them covered whenever possible. Use hats, caps, scarfs, bandanas and whatever that you think can keep your hair covered.

# Reduce The Heat – If you have a habit of blow-drying your hair every time when you shampoo your hair then get over this routine. Any kind of heat is not good for the health of hair and that it can dry it completely.

You can use a dryer occasionally. In addition to this, you should also avoid curling, straightening, crimping and other styling machines. They all use heat, which is not recommended for hair.

# Wash Less – True that you are tempted to wash your hair often in summers, as they get oily and greasy. However, the beauty experts advise not to wash your hair very often because regular washing can take away the natural oils of your scalp.

If you feel, your hair is greasy and you can’t do without shampooing, you should use a dry shampoo.

Using a cornstarch and talcum powder are the best readily available options. All you need to do is to sprinkle the powder on your hair and then comb it. Voila! Your grease-free hair is ready.

# Conditioning – People ask about the alternatives for not washing hair regularly and still keep them looking gorgeous. The answer to this is co-wash.

Yes, you can skip shampooing and just do the conditioning of the hair. For instance, if you have shampooed your hair today then you can condition them (only conditioner, no shampoo) for the next two days and then shampoo on the fourth day.

Also, it is good to leave hair in the natural condition, not washing and conditioning them on some days.

# Use Sunscreen – Who said sunscreens are only for skin? You can buy shampoos that have sunscreen in them. Yes, there are hair shampoos that come with UV protection and no chemicals.

To add on, a simple trick is to run your hand through your hair with the sunscreen lotion that you have applied to your skin.

Just run it lightly in order to not leave your oily. To know more about such products, you can get in touch with a reputed salon franchise.

# Hot Oil Rinse – This is an age-old method that has always proved to be a boon for the skin. To keep your hair well moisturized, you can apply avocado or olive or coconut oil in your hair right after you have shampooed them.

Warm the oil a bit and then rinse it starting from the hair ends to the roots. After the gentle massage, leave it for good 15 minutes and then condition them.

After washing, you will see the difference that your hair looks more moisturized and silky. Do not worry, they won’t look oily due to the oil massage during the procedure.


Besides the above-mentioned tips, you can know much more about the other tricks by contacting a professional beauty expert. Today, there are a number of salon franchises in Delhi but you must know that they all are not authentic and popular.

However, you can get to know about the best salon franchises by exploring the internet. It is better to read about the salon and check out the testimonials of its customers who have experienced its services in the past.

These reviews will help you in taking the right decision to reach any particular salon for hair tips and treatments. Also, the salon should be providing all kinds of safe and tested hair treatments, so that you can get your heat-ruined hair treated.

As far as prices are concerned, you can get the estimates before actually approaching the salon.

Thus, lookout for the best salon franchise in India and approach it to acquire the best hair tips for summers and get the best hair treatment methods. Your hair is your most prized possession, keep them safe and healthy. Good luck!

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