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salon franchise

Studio99 Salons is a unisex salon and spa in India. We are planning on extending our services to major towns and cities in India and thus we present to you our very own franchising system.

Now you can have your own spa and salon franchise with the much-required brand affiliation to it. Franchising can help you understand the complexities of the market and make things easier for you.

The service industry is growing at a fast pace leading to tough competition in the market. Surviving all alone and being recognized as the premier salon brand is not easy but it is not that difficult either.

Studio99 Salons has years of experience and expertise to help you grow and not just sustain but to fetch profits in return. Franchising system is profitable to both the parties, that is, the franchisee and the franchisor.

Being associated with a brand name for an influx of customers due to quality services and brand loyalty is the main goal for a new entrant. So, here is your chance to make it big with this golden opportunity of collaborating with Studio99 Salons.

The Present Day Salon Industry

People nowadays are very keen on personal care and hygiene. Their physical health and looks top their priority with the change in their lifestyle. They have role models, ideals that they look up to and copy.

In the very hustle and bustle of city life, the spa gives them some peaceful time with their own self rejuvenating. Catering to these changes in human psychology and way of living, many top brands have ventured into the salon and spa service industry.

The industry is growing at such a fast pace that brands like Studio99 Salons, CavinKare Group, Jawed Habib, Lakme Salons, Naturals, Shehnaz Hussain, and B blunt have taken to the franchising system.

Salon Franchise and Its Benefits

A well organized, known brand has only good things to offer. Customers today are very brand loyal and specific about their needs.

They have become more articulate and do not want to invest in anything vain. This is when brands come to your rescue. Brands like Studio99 have a grip over the market and customer base.

They understand the market mechanism and will aid the franchisee in all sorts of technical and professional assistance.

Studio99 Salons franchising system will help you set-up your own salon and spa service center with an assured brand name in the market.

You won’t be treated as a new player because of our collaboration. The franchising system is growing by leaps and bounds as it helps all the three parties involved in the uplifting of the services as a whole.

Understanding the Different Salon Franchise Models

There are basically three types of franchising models that an existing brand chooses from while venturing into a franchising system.

They might be working on the Product, Manufacturing or Business format franchise model. These specifications help them in establishing clear goals.

The franchisor wishes to incorporate the same working model onto the franchisee to have a parallel working procedure. This will help in establishing common objectives at all the various outlets.

How to Avail Studio99’s Salon Franchise

In order to procure Studio99 Salons franchise you need to have the required interest in the field of salon and spa.

The franchising system will only help you have a systematic working pattern with all the operational aid from our expert team of professionals.

The steps to get Studio99’s salon franchise are :

1. Filling up of the online franchise application form carefully
2. Evaluation of the same by Studio99 Salons
3. Signing the franchise agreement
4. Consent of the franchisees
5. Interview session with interested franchisees
6. Deciding site location and interiors
7. Manpower recruitment and training
8. Launch of Studio99 Salons franchise outlet

And your Studio99 Salons franchise outlet is all set to sail. Yes it is this easy to avail Studio99’s salon franchise and it is worth investing in.

Your dream to own a reputed Salon and Spa is just 8 steps away. Grab the opportunity now to deliver what you are skilled at with Studio99 Salons all-round assistance and background support.