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 Best Hair Salon Chains in India

Beautiful and shiny hair is an integral part of charming persona. This is the reason why everyone desires gorgeous hair every time. A decent hairstyle brings the physical beauty; an overhaul look.

To give your hair a splendid look, requires lot of efforts. Studio99; the best hair salon chains in India and worldwide takes this responsibility to take care of your hair and give them an energetic and stylish look.

Studio99 specializes in every salon practice and appropriately exercise best-suited techniques as per requirements. As the hair and spa industry is expanding, new entrepreneurs are investing in hair salons due to its profitability and fame.

Hair services including- hair cutting, shaving, trimming, coloring, conditioning, touch-up, re-bonding, keratin, smoothening, highlights/lowlights

And many more state-of-the-art hair services at a reasonable price make Studio99- the best salon for a franchise in Delhi/NCR.

Visiting any of the Studio99 branches renders its customers an excellent and premium service at rocking rates. Customized hair care guidance and keeping update yourself with the latest fashion trend is somehow not difficult.

The experienced and talented hairstylists of Studio99 give multiple tips to maintain your hair healthy.

Maintaining Healthy Hair


# Comb your moist hair with utmost care as it is delicate and susceptible to damage. Take a wide dented comb, and operate softly as possible.

# Once in few weeks, trim your hairs to get eliminate those dark and uneven split ends. Remove off 1/4th inch in each 7 to 8 weeks to prevent the split ends from growing out again.

# Avoid washing your hair each day but apply conditioner after washing is essential. Try to use both- shampoo and conditioner of the same brands.

# Use sulfate shampoos. Do read the ingredients involved in it. If it contains sulfate, then well and good. Sulfate will help you to clean the hair and scalp.

# For natural coloring lightening, you can use lemon and honey/ chamomile tea.

Self-made Hair Masks

Few may be nice to you while others may smell bad. But the good thing is that, you can locate all the products in your kitchen conveniently.

# Olive oil, curd, and egg mask- If you’ve dry hair like feed, then here’s the solution to your issues. Eggs are loaded with protein, fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E and B12.

The rich ingredients like protein and vitamins help you to intensify the roots and augment the volume.

# Peppermint oil and avocado- Avocados are also known as the fruit of Persea are tangy and the only fruit loaded with meat protein, butterfat, leafy vegetables’ vitamins and minerals with delicious flavors.

Make a puree of avocados, include two to three drops of peppermint oil and apply the same on your hair. Hang it in for 20-30 minutes and shower out.

The Answer is Oil

Conditioner or hair moisturizer may work wonderfully but oil brings several micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids that not only reinforce your roots but also improve your hair’s overall health.

The highly recommended coconut oil protects your hair from dirt, the sun’s harmful rays, dandruff and it also increases your hair growth. Additionally, you can also mash boiled curry leaves or hibiscus flower with coconut oil and apply it on your hair.

Olive Oil for Hair Fall

Olive oil mixed with few ingredients is the biggest remedy for hair fall. You can mix olive oil with the following ingredients:

# Olive oil with cinnamon powder and honey- Apply this mask for 15-20 minutes.

# Leave-in, oil and cream method- firstly; use water, secondly; apply creamy conditioner, thirdly wash them off!

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