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Thinking to get your beautiful tresses colored? Tips To Do Ombre Hair When You Have Black Hair? If yes then here you are on the right page.

This blog discusses some of the interesting and trending ombre hair ideas for black hair, which you can definitely try. Whatever color you choose for your hair, just make sure that you get it done from a reputed salon only.

It is important to hunt for that one salon, which is known for rendering the best beauty and hair treatments and holds a long list of satisfied customers.

To find one of the best beauty salon franchise in your city, you can do your own research on the internet and look for the salon that has experience of years in the respective industry.

The salon should have positive reviews and if at all you find any negative reviews about the salon then avoid choosing it. Going through the testimonials will give you an insight into the quality of services offered by the salon.

A reputed and experienced salon will be in a position to guide you with the best hair colors and the style in which your hair should be set.

Ombre Hair Ideas for Black Hair

# Sun-kissed Ombre Hair – This is one of the best styles to have your black hair colored and still make them look natural. Yes, you can try sun-kissed ombre hair.

Here, you will get a nice natural-looking light brown tone on your hair-ends. For an added warmth and a fun twist, you can also give a touch of temporary red-brown hue, which will go in just one hair wash. This way, you can try a new color every next day.

# Gray Ombre Hair – Not a blonde fan? Opt for gray! Today, the color gray has become a rage among models and the ones who are always up for hair experiments. When your hair ends will shine in gray, it is going to look all the more happening.

# Blackberry Hair – Get your highlights painted to deep purple and rock the party! Here, your black roots will be given a shade of purple and that flawless transition from black to a different shade will enhance the entire look of your personality.

# Rainbow Ombre Hair – How about having VIBGYOR on your ends? This is one trend that never goes out of fashion. You will love those vibrant yet not-so-flashy hues of lilac, aqua, pink and warm orange on your hair. Of course, this will make you stand apart from the crowd.

# Purple Ombre Hair – The one hottest color is purple. Whether you go for purple ombre or balayage, it will make you look stunning. However, if you are trying any hair color for the first time then you better go for ombre only.

In fact, you can customize it according to you and choose among light lavender, lilac, bold violet and other shades of purple. To know more about it, a professional hairstylist will be the right person to reach.

Besides the above mentioned, there are other options as well including reverse ombre, metallic ombre, pink ombre, ash blonde and other shades too. Ask your beautician about it!

How to Take Care of Your Fresh Colored Hair?

# Shower Smartly – If you have a habit of washing your hair with warm water then it is the time to get over it.

It is known that warm water strips your hair & scalp of all the essential oils, leaving it dry and flaky. Also, the hair color is likely to go off soon with hot showers.

# Prefer Air Drying – It’s time to say goodbye to blow dry! Yes, you should avoid blow-drying your hair and allow them to dry naturally.

You should know that blow-drying can make your hair dry, which can even give rise to dandruff and can affect the freshly done hair color.

# Use Heat Protectant – You should use a good heat protectant if you are frequent in using styling tools. The protectant will protect your hair strands especially the colored ones and will keep your hair healthy.

Therefore, it is time to do a bit of an interesting experiment with your hair and give yourself a new style statement. Yes, it is the time to pamper yourself, your hair and feel confident.

Once you have approached the best salon franchise in your area, you will be guided with the best. Thus, take care of your hair and play with colors!

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