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Types Of Manicure At Studion99 Salons

By March 17, 2021March 24th, 2021No Comments

A client should choose the right manicure that works for them based on their day-to-day life and their ultimate goal with their nails, whether that be to have the flexibility of changing polish colour so often or having a manicure that will give you longer wear,” explains Pinto. Though she prefers gel as a nail art enthusiast, gels will preserve a style for longer she left her bias at the door and split down eight types of manicures. Below, all the details for your digits from lowest to highest commitment.

The Classic Manicure
A classic manicure is easy as can be. It starts with a nail cleaning and is followed by a polish application.
What’s the damage? Not much. Make sure you find a polish that keeps your nails healthy and doesn’t involve lots of chemicals.
This manicure is for you if… you’ve already got great nails and want to show them off a bit with nail paint. Also ideal if you’re in a hurry as this is the fastest manicure in the game.

The Reverse Manicure
A Reverse Manicure is the reverse take on the Classic French and highlights the lower part of your nail identified as the half-moon. It falls under the classic manicure kind but the reputation of the design makes it deserving of its shoutout.
What’s the damage? Depends on if you add nail extensions. Nail extensions can hurt your natural nails if not cleared properly.
This manicure is for you if… you want to flip a classic on its head. Think more modernised, less Prom in the early aughts.

The Paraffin Manicure
A Paraffin Manicure is an added procedure that includes dipping your hands into hot, melted paraffin wax and hydrates the skin after receiving a full manicure service.
What’s the damage? Paraffin can clog pores and is toxic if swallowed.
This manicure is for you if… you want to treat yourself! This is just an upgrade and can be accompanied by any type of manicure.

The Vinylux Manicure
A Vinylux Manicure is a polish designed by CND that has a self-adhering colour coat that provides long wear that can be removed with nail polish remover and last up to a week without chipping.
What’s the damage? The formula can also be drying to nails.
This manicure is for you if… you want long wear without length.

The Shellac Manicure
A Shellac Manicure is very similar to a gel manicure except it is a nail product designed by CND and is a half nail polish, half gel product and is cured through UV lighting as well.
What’s the damage? The formula can be extremely drying.
This manicure is for you if… you want high-shine!

The Gel Manicure
There are two types of gels: Soft gel and hard gel. The main difference between the two outcomes has to do with how they are removed. Soft gel nails are known as “soak-off gels” because the nail polish can be removed with acetone. Hard gel is applied to add nail length over soft gel that is used solely as a polish. Gel nails are also best for nail art.
What’s the damage? Wearing the manicure for too long can cause long-term harm to your nails. It’s also essential to remove the gel correctly and not peel-off the polish.
This manicure is for you if… you want to add length. Hard gel manicures are perfect for creating a larger canvas for nail art.

The Acrylic Manicure
An Acrylic Manicure is the blend of a liquid monomer and powder polymer that creates a hard protective layer over your natural nail and is then covered with polish.
What’s the damage? Incorrect removal can damage nails over time.
This manicure is for you if… you want a classic nail extension. The OG method is tried and true.

The Dip Powder Nail
Like the name mentions, you dip your nails into a little jar of a colour of your choice instead of the classic use of UV rays to seal in your polish. Brands of dip powder include SNS, Gelish, and TP Gel.
What’s the damage? The product must be removed correctly or can cause nail damage. Some customers have noted that an allergic reaction can occur on the skin near the nail due to the use of powder.
This manicure is for you if… you want nails that last!

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