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Amazing Tricks To Choose the Lipstick

All set to go on a shopping spree? Excited to buy new lipstick? Amazing Tricks To Choose Lipstick Shade. If yes then be ready to witness the endless palette of lip glosses, lipsticks and lip stains.

Though it can be overwhelming to see all those irresistible lips shades right in front of you it all can make your puzzle too. With so many color options available, you are likely to wonder about the one that will blend the best with your natural lip color.

So, this blog will give you a clear idea of the tricks that you must follow to buy the best and most attractive lip color for your tender lips.

Defining Your Skin Tone

First of all, you need to determine the tone of your skin whether it is fair, light, medium, tan or deep. Below mentioned are a few tricks that can help you define your skin tone.

Checking the Vein Color – Pay heed to the color of your veins. If your veins on the inside of the heart are blue/purple then you have a cool skin tone while green veins hint at the warm skin tone.

If you are unable to decide the color then you definitely have a neutral skin tone.

Noticing Skin’s Reaction to Sun – Observe the way your skin reacts to the sun. If your skin burns easily under the sun then it indicates more melanin in your skin, defining it to be a warm skin tone.

However, if you are tough to get tanned, it means less melanin in your skin and defines a blue skin tone.

Trying Gold and Silver – The best trick is to try on gold and silver jewelry. If gold jewelry appears best on your skin then you have a warmer skin tone while the silver jewelry looking best on it indicates a cool skin tone.

If both gold and silver look good then you have a neutral skin tone.

Note – You can also notice the skin shade around your jawline to determine your skin tone.

Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade 

Preferring Shades Darker than Lips – The thumb rule to choose the best shade is to go for the color that is one to two shades darker than your natural lip tint.

What you can do is just apply the lipstick on your lower lip and then compare it with the upper lip. If there is a prominent difference in both the shades then a big no to choose lipstick shade.

Deciding the Lip Look – You need to decide whether you wish to make your lips appear larger or smaller.

If larger then choose shimmery shades, white glosses and even matte finish. On the other hand, going to the darker side will make your lips appear small.

Experiment – You got to experiment with shades to get to the best one. The fair and light-skinned girls can try beige, nudes, coral, peach and lighter shades of pink while mocha will also blend well to your skin tone.

For the medium skinned lasses, berry, rose and mauve will look good. Further, if you have deep dark skin, you must go for deep pink, walnut, plum, caramel and purple shades. The orange undertone shades are considered best for tanned skin.

Tips to Shop for A Lipstick –

# Make sure that you visit a store that sells different brands under one roof.

# Choose lipstick that you wish to buy. You must clean the tester with a little alcohol (available at most of the stores) and then apply it on your lip with a test brush/cotton swab.

# If you are a bit uninterested to try the tester on your lips then try it on your fingertip pads. The color of the fingertips is somewhere much closer to our lips.

# Before trying the next color, remove the applied shade completely in order not to mix the two shades.

# It is better to try the lipstick on the no-makeup face to get the real idea of the shade.

After doing much experimenting, you can finalize the one that goes well with your natural lip color and shape. Just remember that the color pink is versatile with so many shades available in it and looks subtle in everyday life.

Moreover, you can also take the help of a nearby salon franchise. The beauty experts will guide you in the best possible manner and will help you in determining your skin tone and then suggesting you the best lip shade.

To reach the one best salon franchise, you can do your own research on the internet and shortlist the ones that are reputed, experienced and offers an array of beauty treatments. You can finally choose the one that fits your pocket.

Thus, follow the above-discussed tips & tricks and adorn your lips with the most enticing lipstick. Be beautiful!

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