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Winters are here. With winters there comes a lot of skin problems and issues. Of course, when the client is in need he would look out for parlor treatment that would meet up with his skin requirement the most.

As the handler of the salon, you should also be prepared to serve your clients with the best results. Facial Treatments for winter are here:-

Keeping yourself up-to-date with the season is what will make your clients happy customers and in this way, you can earn a good profit.

Aside from familiarizing yourself with the different types of skin and determining which product ingredients are suitable, it’s also important to give clients advice about how to better care for their skin.

Consider this a valuable service that you are offering to your customers. The more that you show your care for them by giving them useful tips, the more that they will appreciate you as a professional in the beauty industry.

Running a beauty salon is full of challenges.

It is a business where client satisfaction is highly valuable and hence you are required to work to and fro for the same. A single mistake committed from your side can turn into a great loss to the image of your salon.

Therefore you should acquire great knowledge because after you are going to deal with the client directly.

Should Clients Go for DIY or In-Spa Treatments?

Facial Treatments for winter Of course, as an aesthetician who’s just gotten out of a beauty school, you might not necessarily be familiar yet with all the facial treatments available out there.

But the one thing that you should keep in mind is that caring for the skin during extra-cold weather takes some more effort on the client’s part.

After they have taken advantage of the facial treatment that you have to offer,

they can follow it up with DIY or do-it-yourself facial treatments at home. So, if a client asks you what goes best you should be genuine to them.

Take Your Pick from these Wintry Facial Treatments

So what are the in-spa at DIY facial treatments for the winter season that you can offer to your clients?

You should tell and define them things clearly because this would showcase your professionalism to them. Here I am with a few of the best DIY facials that would do magic in winters.

Pumpkin Nectar Facial

For clients who cannot afford the spa treatments you can offer them a more affordable version of the pumpkin nectar facial treatment. Pumpkin has natural skin healing properties as it helps restore sufficient levels of moisture on the skin.

Silent Night Facial

This is a combination of an ultra-relaxing back massage, a skin-nourishing body wrap, and a facial treatment/aromatherapy session.

Some of the natural ingredients used are mandarin, ginger, and frankincense – and this treatment is offered at establishments like Studio99 Salons.

Holiday Recovery Special

The year has barely started so the skin is bound to still suffer from overindulgence during the holiday season.

To get rid of such traces, you can offer clients the holiday recovery special which is a favorite of many This includes a series of facial treatments like a vitamin infusion mask and a chemical-free skin regimen to restore the radiance of the skin.

Cultured Milk Facial

As a follow-up facial treatment to the quite pricey facial treatments, you can teach your clients how to whip up their own masks at home.

For the winter season, a cultured milk mask consisting of buttermilk, natural yogurt or even kefir can be applied on the face. It helps restore the pH balance of the skin to fight off the drying and harsh effects of the winter season.

Egg White Facial

For clients with large pores, you can advise them to whisk one egg white and apply it all over the face. The mask helps freshen up the skin and tighten the pores, providing it with an extra layer of protection during the winter season.

Other Treatments

Avocado, strawberry with lemon juice, oatmeal, banana, and honey with raw milk are the other DIY facial treatments that you can advise them to whip up at home.

The natural ingredients will fight off the harsh effects of the extra-cold weather which usually dries the skin.

The Bottom Line

Skin is the most sensitive part of the body and hence it needs a good care and treatment too. Being the Facial Treatments for winterskin experts your client would always come to you for a better suggestion for the things.

Never leave the questions and queries of your clients unattended. A happy client add years to business because it will work as the direct marketing.

The winter spa tips that I have mentioned above would surely aid you to achieve that goal.

Only owning a parlour does not makes you the best. To be the best, you need to consistently experiment with the things.

The more you work out on the things the more refined your business would be. If you are there to solve the concerns of clients with genuine answers you are definitely going to be in their good books.

The facial treatments that I have mentioned above would help you achieve that target.

I am sure that discussing these treatments with your clients would make them happy and satisfied. And of course, the great results of the facial treatments during winters would work for your business too.

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