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The pitter-patter of raindrops can be heard everywhere and these are the signs that monsoon is here.

Monsoon is the best time of the year because we are blessed with a moderate climate where we can actually step out of the home and have some best moments of enjoyment with loved ones.

The weather is of course favorable for the body but when it comes to hair and skincare then one is supposed to be more attentive during the season.

Monsoon brings damage to skin and hair along with. One has to be more cautious during monsoon time for skin and hair care. If you will ignore the things, then might be you have to suffer for a longer period of time.

To make monsoon the best period of the year for your skin and hair, we are here giving some quick suggestions and tips.

The 17 monsoon skin and hair care tips are, especially for the Indian rains. Follow the tips and you can definitely take good care of your most beautiful hairs and skin.

1) 3 Steps for Daily Skin Care:

At any cost, don’t forget cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

These are the three most important steps that you are supposed to do in order to make your skin healthy and glowing.

Monsoon comes with humidity; hence you should make sure that you never miss the three steps.

2) Don’t Forget to Use Sunscreen:

You should never forget to apply SPF to your skin.

It is necessary as it will assist your skin to get protected from the harmful sun rays.

There are people who skip the step because it is monsoon, but this could result in something really very bad.

3) Exfoliate Dead Skin:

Scrubbing and exfoliating dead skin is always very necessary.

You are supposed to do this because this will help you to get flawless skin.

You should not break the chain even if the weather outside is cool and favoring.

4) Homemade Masks:

Applying face pack or face mask during monsoon is as much necessary as doing it during any other season.

Other than going for a chemical-based mask, you should switch towards a homemade mask.

Homemade packs containing fullers’ earth/ clay help in drawing out impurities from the skin leading to a gentle glow.

5) Drink a Lot of Water:

You should keep your skin hydrated.

During monsoon there is less urge to drink water but make sure you are not breaking the routine of regular intake of at least 8 glasses of water in a day.

This will clean your skin and will give a flawless tone.

6) Have Colored Fruits and Vegetables:

Colored fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that help in fighting UV damage and free oxygen radicals generated in the body.

One can get the full complement of anti-oxidants by including as many different colors in the diet as possible.

7) Do Regular Exercises:

You are supposed to do regular exercises and workout as it will give you glowing skin.

If you are doing brisk exercise for 45 minutes or more then you are definitely going to get a glowing skin.

8) Get 8 Hours of Sleep:

Sleeping has much more relevance with good and glowing skin. You should get at least 8 hours of sleep in a day.

If you are getting a sufficient amount of sleep in a day then it will definitely give you glowing and healthy skin.

9) Get Creams with Doctors Prescription:

In case you are facing any sort of skin-related problem then you should consult a dermatologist to suggest the best cream for your skin type.

Fighting with the signs of aging with some good creams is also recommendable.

10) Sterilize Your Skin:

hair and skin care

Monsoons bring humidity, hence it is required that you should sterilize your skin during the season.

It is important to keep the skin as moisture-free as possible and the best way is to pat dry after a bath,

wear loose clothes made of breathable fabric like cotton or linen which help in airing the skin and reduce fungal overgrowth.

11) Shampoo Adequately:

Often enough the frequency of shampooing goes up during monsoons and it is an old myth that frequent shampooing increases hair loss.

During a shampoo, hair that has entered the resting phase and is sitting loosely in the hair follicle usually falls off as it would have anyway shed.

The humid weather makes the hair shaft moist which then tends to collect grime and dirt.

12) Use Good Quality Conditioner:

hair and skin care

Although the hair tends to get humid and limp faster, one should definitely use a conditioner in the monsoon season.

The best way to condition one’s hair is to apply a mild conditioner only on the lower half of the hair length.

Make sure you are not applying condition on the hair roots.

13) Give Spa Treatment:

hair and skin care

Giving spa treatment to your hair during monsoon would be a great treat.

You should do this in order to get smooth, shiny and damage-free hairs.

14) Relax Hair with Oil Massage:

hair and skin care A gentle massage with coconut or olive oil once a week may be helpful in soothing the scalp and also helps one to unwind and relax.

However, it is important to wash off the oil completely as it attracts dirt and other environmental pollutants which can then damage the hair shaft.

15) Don’t Use Hair Styling Products During Monsoon:

hair and skin care

You should try not to use hair styling products during the monsoon season.

It is really harmful and can bring permanent damage to your tangles.

16) Have Healthy Diet:

hair and skin care

There is no secret mantra for good and glowing skin and hair during monsoon.

The only way out to meet with the things is that, you should have a healthy diet and make sure you are taking relevant supplements too.

17) Fight with Fungal Scalp Infection the Right Way:

hair and skin care

Make sure that you are fighting with the fungal scalp infection in the right way.

You are supposed to take the right remedy at the best time.

Ignoring it, in any case, can lead to hair damage and hair fall during monsoon time.

It is always required that one should take good care of hair and skin during the monsoon season.

The tips that we have mentioned here will help you to take care of your skin and hair. For more beauty and professional tips keep on visiting our website We would be happy to hear from you.

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