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makeup hacks

Every woman wants to look beautiful and for that they use millions of tricks to enhance their look Simple Makeup Hacks For Beginners That Can Simplify Your Life but, still don’t get the desired results.

They visit beauty salons not only for beauty treatments but now also for makeup services for any special occasions of bridal makeup. This is why more people are now entering into the beauty business.

They are buying salon franchise so that they can establish and run hair and beauty salon in their city to offer beauty services to customers.

But, not all the time you need to visit a salon there are some tips that can help you do your makeup by yourself without any professional help.

There are many makeup tutorial videos for perfect winged eyeliners or that perfect glowing skin but what is more important for the beginners is the easy tips that they can easily follow and get that perfect look for a date or any special occasion.

We often see makeup tutorials on Instagram and Facebook and Youtube as well, it is quite difficult for everyone to check out all those videos every time they are getting ready for an occasion.

We have compiled all those makeup hacks that are perfect for beginners and can simplify your life for sure. You would love to do makeup with these simple hacks.

Turn Liner Pencil to Gel

You can turn your pencil liner into gel liner which will make your liner softer. For this you will need one pencil liner and lighter.

Keep the pencil under the flame for 1-2 seconds and then, keep it to cool down for 15 seconds. Now you can use this pencil liner which will work as a gel liner.

Concealer for Dark Circles

Do not reveal but conceal your dark circles. You should buy a concealer and make sure it matches your complexion.

What you need to do to hide your under-eye dark circles is to make a triangle with its base under the lash line and tip to the bottom of the cheek. This will hide the redness and dark circles and will brighten up your face.

Use Spoon for Applying Mascara

Everyone wants those flutter-worthy lashes but somehow end up with mascara on their eyelids. If it also happens with you all the time then, this trick will help you to get those flutter-worthy lashes.

You just need a spoon for this. Hold a spoon and apply your mascara, you will get all the excess mascara on the back of the spoon and not your eyelids.

The hashtag for  Smokey Eyes

If you think that it’s only the professionals who can help you get that smokey eyes then, think again. You can get it with a very easy and simple method and that is “Hashtag”.

Yes, just draw a slanted hashtag on the corner of your eyelids by using black and brown pencil and blend it well. You will get smokey eyes in just a few minutes and yes, it is that simple.

Powder for Long-Lasting Lipstick

If you want that long-lasting pout for your selfies then, we are sharing you the trade secret. You just need a translucent powder for this tip and a tissue paper.

Place the tissue on your lip and then dab translucent powder on your lips or you can also take the eyeshadow from your makeup kit to get selfie-ready all the day.

Proper Perfume Application

Do not use spray yourself with a bottle of perfume you will smell like a perfume factory and in just a few minutes it will wear-off and you will smell like nothing.

Instead of spraying yourself with perfume you should spray it on your pulse points like behind your ears, inside elbow, inside wrist, behind the knee, etc.

No Lipstick on Your Teeth

If you are tired of this thing then, here is a pro tip to help you to get rid of this problem. After applying your lipstick put your finger in your mouth.

Close the lips around the finger and then pull it out your finger. You will see the excess lipstick is now on your finger and will not on your teeth.

Another tip you can use for this is by taking a tissue paper. Put a tissue paper on your lips and make a pout or just kiss on the tissue paper. This way the excess lipstick will get onto the tissue paper.

Curl Your Lashes Faster

You should heat your eyelash curler with the help of your hairdryer. Let it cool down a bit and then use the curler as you normally would. You will see that the heat will help you to curl your lashes faster and for longer.

Use Dry Shampoo at Night

To get volume on your hair you need to use your dry shampoo at night. Just before going to bed apply the dry shampoo as you will move around in your sleep the shampoo will be worked into the hair. The next day you will walk up with loads of volume.

So, these are some easy makeup hacks for beginners that can simplify your life. By following these tips you can do your daily makeup or can even get ready for a special occasion of a party.

makeup hacks

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