Hair Care

Marvelous hair styles, vigorous colors, highlights & lowlights, and lavish hair treatment.


Haircuts & Styles

Good haircuts complement your best features. If hair cutting is done correctly then it can highlight the best feature of your face, making you feel smarter and more capable. Whatever hairstyle you opt for, our talented hairdressers are competent to cater your needs perfectly. They can also suggest you the latest style that suits your personality and appearance, while keeping in mind your preferences and desires. Book hair cutting & styling service appointment today!


Hair Crimping

If you wish give a new look to your straight, long hairs then hair crimping would one of the best options. We can transform straight hairs into sawtooth or zigzag fashion by hair crimping method. We use good quality hair crimper (crimping iron) and utmost take care of during the procedure so that we can provide you desired look.


Hair Curling

Have you ever wished to have curly hairs like Kangana Ranaut, one of most popular actresses in Indian cinema? If you wish to transform your straight hairs in a different style i.e. curly hairs, then Studio99 is the place where you will receive the best solution.


Hair Straightening

We at Studio99 are committed to fulfill the wish of having straight, silky hair like your favorite Bollywood actress. We use the most reliable techniques to transform even the tightest curly hair into silky straight hair. We provide highly-effective and damage-free hair smoothening treatment. We always use safe and premium quality products from renowned brands like L’Oreal, Wella, and Schwarzkopf in hair straightening treatment. Book hair straightening service appointment today!


Hair Coloring

Make a bold statement in a beautiful manner by experiments with colors at Studio99. Hair coloring is the fabulous and simplest way to make your look stunning and noticeable. Whether you want to cover up greys or you just love to experiment with hair colors, our hair coloring services are just meant exclusively for you. Our hair coloring services include root touch up, block coloring, creating coloring, fashion streaking, global coloring, highlighting, high-lites coloring, low-lights coloring, balayage highlighting, ombre coloring and henna coloring. We always use premium quality ammonia-free coloring products to ensure healthy hair color and bring the desired shades. Book hair coloring service appointment today!


Hair Spa

The hair spa treatment is a holistic approach and highly-effective therapy for hair re-growth. It is also the best remedy for many hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, dull & frizzy hair, gray hair, lack of volume, split ends, and dry & brittle hair. Apart from being highly-effective in various hair problems, it also relaxes your body and relieves stress. The expert hairdressers and spa therapists at Studio99 make sure that you receive the world-class hair spa treatments and the best possible solution to all hair problems you have. Book hair spa treatment service appointment today!


Hair Treatment

We provide a range of hair treatments including hair spa treatment. Whether you wish to make your hair free of pollution, dust or other environmental impurities, you will receive the right treatment for your locks here. Our meticulous treatment and holistic approach will make your tresses healthy and glowing. Whether you are suffering from dandruff or hair fall, we will provide the best hair treatment that will help you fight with these conditions. Book hair treatment service appointment today!


Waxing (Hair Removal)

Waxing is the most preferred hair removal technique because of the long-lasting effect. Our waxing services are designed for making the hair removal process a lot easier and simpler. Waxing, if done correctly, will provide you soft and smooth skin. At Studio99, we use the safest waxes to provide you painless hair removal experience. The waxes we choose in waxing procedure are highly effecting in eliminating the undesirable hair in just one simple pull. We provide waxing services for full body, full arms, full legs, half legs, underarms, jaw line, chin, bikini line, underarms, stomach, midriff and back. Book waxing service appointment today!



Threading is one of the most common and cost-efficient ways to remove unwanted hair from the face. We at Studio99 are offering safest threading services for tackling those unwanted facial hairs. Our staff who are trained in the art of threading will ensure safe removal of unwanted hairs from the different face areas. Our threading services include eyebrow threading, chin treading, upper lip threading, forehead threading, and full face threading. If you are looking to appear and clean and fresh face then book our threading service appointment today!


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