hair salon marketing

If you are a customer then looking for the perfect salon where you can get the best hair care can become tough. But, on the other hand if you are a salon owner then salon marketing and promotion will become one of the tough tasks for you.

So, whatever is the desire, nothing is going to come easily to you.

Opening a salon and particularly hair care salon is the desire of many, but there is only a handful of people who could get into the business and only a few who could achieve success in the same.

If you are amongst those, who are deeply concerned about the business growth then you need to put the special emphasis on marketing.

In this blog, I am going to tell you few hair salon marketing ideas that will definitely leave you stumped by the end.

The first and foremost requirement from you is that, you need to stand out of the crowd if you really wish to earn laurels in the field. I am here with some mind-blowing marketing ideas that will leave you educated about the industry.

Referral Discounts are Your Rescue

studio99salons discountDon’t take this from your own prospect.

Take you in the position of the customer and think about what will happen that

when you will walk in the salon and you would be told that they are providing referral discounts.

It is one of the best things for the customers to grab.

It is something much encouraging about your business where you give your customers a bonus for doing marketing for your business and that too for free.

Embrace Them with Loyalty Program or Punch Cards

Like referral discounts, it’s always nice to recognize great clients. Show your clients that you not only hear their stories—you look forward to them!

For every 10 visits, give a discount for the 11th. Or, if they’ve been coming to you long enough for the prices of services to rise, consider giving them the original price.

Customer loyalty is hugely important to any business, but salons can easily capitalize on it.

Make Your Presence in Review Sites

This is the era of digitalization. When a person prefers to post pic while entering salon on social groupshair salon marketing wouldn’t it be beneficial for you when he will write reviews for your services.

Today every customer chooses a service that others are choosing and reviews help them a lot.

The most important aspect of business marketing in the present time is that you should have a presence in the review platform.

One very important thing which you are supposed to consider in this is that; ensure that you satisfy the dissatisfied customer on the portals.

If there are negative reviews or complaints then try to solve it then and there. It will build a positive image of your salon. You can also offer discounts to customers who check-in at your location or package deals, i.e. manicure and pedicure for 10% off.

Mobile Advertisements Will Always Work

Mobile is the heart and soul of the present generation and that is the place where you can lure them. If you are working on the advertisement skills then mobile publicity cannot be left behind in any case. Like Geo-targeting, mobile ads can be hugely beneficial—especially with AdWords new bidding features that allow users to bid differently on desktop and mobile.

Show Off Your Skilled Staff

Your staffs are your true marketing treasure. So, try to take the best of them and especially the skilled staff.

Instead of placing magazines on the table, try creating a binder of styles and cuts that your own staff has completed—maybe a collection of shots from your Instagram!

Bit Has-tagging Will Work

salon-social-media-marketing studio99salonsIn the era of Facebook, Snap-Chat and Instagram, customers don’t post they Hashtag and you need to adopt the same strategy for your marketing. You can use them to be proactive.

With so many couples announcing their #engagements or planning bachelor/ bachelorette parties on Instagram and Facebook, complete with a wedding hashtag, you can be proactive!

Simply search for engagements, find the owner of the hashtag, and slide into their direct messages with a sales pitch.

Post Coupons Locally

What about the idea of posting discount coupons locally? It’s a great way to capitalize on a big money-making event—and get involved in your community!

And, definitely it is the greatest tip that will work for your salon marketing. If an online reservation system is off the table, consider adding an email address to your contact info that people could correspond with to set up an appointment.

Get E-Mail Address to Stay Connected

To keep your customers posted about the ongoing events, happening and discount in your salon, it is required that you should take their e-mail addresses.

Getting an email address is like getting keys to the kingdom—you can use them for appointment reminders, newsletter updates, referral bonuses, and remarketing lists on Facebook.

Social Promotion will Win Laurels

Go social!!! If you wish to stay connected with your potential clients, then you should try to gethair salon marketing connected with them in any means possible.

And, definitely social media is the best platform to do the task. Whether it is

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social sites, you are going to get good attention from your clients there,

There is a handy-dandy “share” button on Instagram that allows you to share all your testimonials and videos on both platforms!

If you have longer-form tips, try starting with Facebook since users are more open to spending more time on a single post. You should also try out carousel ads! It is a perfect way to showcase your work and appointments.

Facebook advertising allows you to target your audience by interest—try targeting an audience with a birthday coming with an ad that reads, “Treat Yourself!” or someone who is engaged with an ad that reads, “Let Us Pamper You for Your Big Day!”

I really hope that these tips will help you with hair salon marketing in the best way possible. If you are planning to get into the business then I would suggest you take a hair salon franchise from a reputed brand like Studio99 Salons.

The marketing and support team of Studio99 will help you in every step of brand marketing and promotion.