Have you a desire to start your own beauty salon in Kolkata? Then, Studio99 beauty salon franchising in Kolkata is the best opportunity for you. Starting a beauty salon business can be rewarding enterprise. If you are a trained beauty therapist or just planning to setup a business then studio99 beauty salon franchise is the best option for you. Studio99 offer excellent beauty salon franchise in Kolkata which is wonderful opportunity for all the ladies and even men who want to setup their own beauty salon and be their own boss. From solid business plan to remarkable franchise support you will get end to end support to open your own beauty salon in Kolkata. So, this is a great opportunity for the all the people who want to have their own business in Kolkata and also to be the member of India’s leading brand of beauty salon business.

Why Studio99 Beauty Salon in Kolkata?

Today with the growing trend, parlour has become the trend of society and even in villages. For their personal beauty and grooming men and women visit beauty salons. With a low investment this is one of the most profitable income business. This can be started even by a housewife in a villages as everyone wants to enhance their beauty so just imaging how much beneficial it could be for the people who are living in a big metropolitan city Kolkata. You can open your beauty salon in Kolkata where you can get lots of customers on a daily basis and this can be a huge opportunity for you to make money with sufficient margins.

Kolkata is the capital city of West Bengal state which is often called ‘The City of Joy’. It is one of the densely populated cities in India. The city along with the banks of river Ganga is known for its culture, food, people, music, literature and movies. This is also one of the best tourist destinations in India and also the home of many youngster professionals and students. There are so much to do in Kolkata as there are so many industries, companies, institutions, colleges, universities and much more. This city is really crowded which means you have a big scope of establishing your beauty salon business here.

Kolkata has huge potential for growth in beauty and salon franchise business as you will never run out of your customers. There are also many malls and market places that are apt for opening your Studio99 beauty salon. One of the busiest markets of Kolkata is Bara Bazaar where you will get everything to shop. Other than this there are many big shopping malls also like South City Mall, City Center 1 & 2 Salt Lake, Mani Square Mall, Avani Riverside Shopping Mall, Quest Mall, Acropolis Mall, Lake Mall and much more. These are the places that are perfect to establish a beauty salon or beauty parlour in Kolkata.

Apart from this there are many schools, colleges and universities in Kolkata and this makes it a home of many students from all around the country and even world. And these students and also the young professionals have huge contribution in beauty salons of parlours for enhancing their looks. Thus, Kolkata has huge potential growth in beauty salon business. And Studio99 beauty salon franchise is the best option for all the people who are looking to establish their own beauty salon in Kolkata.

Because the principle of a beauty salon is to look more attractive, then this makes sense that the customers would expect the parlour or salon to be attractive in itself. The ambiance of the parlor or a spa plays a significant role. You cannot opt a small room or space in your home to open a salon especially in a big city like Kolkata, this will never attract the customers or create a trust in customers’ mind that they will get high-quality services. That’s why Studio99 beauty salon franchise in Kolkata is the best opportunity for you to make money with sufficient margins in beauty salon business in Kolkata. We provide support in beauty salon designing and setup support, interior design assistance, supply of equipments, manpower recruitment assistance and of course the brand loyalty of Studio99 powered by Brewbakes. Partner with us if you are the beautician or beauty therapist who like to open his/her own beauty salon in Kolkata and be the member of India’s leading brand of beauty salon industry.

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