Skin Care

Everyone wants to see his/her skin look great. Not only women, but men also don’t like to see even a single pimple on his face. And it’s good. We must take care of our skin because skin is the largest organ of our body and has many vital roles to play. It the skin that acts as a bodyguard against environmental threats, pollution effects, and other hazards. Acne, pimples, razor burn, sunburn, dark under-eye circles, wrinkles, dark patches, blemishes, un-even skin-tone, dry skin, oily skin, etc are some of most common skin problems complained by women and men as well. When you will give you skin the gift of a skin care treatment, your skin will thank you for it. You will receive high-effective skin care treatment at Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa outlets. Our skin care experts will listen to you and analyze your problems meticulously. They will suggest you right treatment and ensure your lovely skin is detoxified, rejuvenated, revitalized, and most importantly pampered well. We provide a range of skin care services at very affordable prices. Major services we offer are facials, face masks, face cleanups, face bleaching, skin-lightening, anti-aging facial, de-tanning, peel-off masks, threading, and waxing which can make your face/skin look beautiful and healthy. Our skin care service will also give you a unique confidence and attitude to carry.


Face Cleanup / Cleansing

If you wish to keep your skin healthy, hydrated glowing then a face cleanup or cleansing is required. The face cleanup does not help in getting healthy and glowing skin but also helps in fights with acne and pimples. Whatever your skin type is – be it dry, oily, normal or acne prone – you will receive a great face clean up service at Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa outlets. Our skin care experts always use good quality face cleansing product to dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, and other types of environmental pollutants from the skin of the face. Our face cleanup service is highly-effecting in preventing skin conditions such as acnes, dark spots, dark under-eye circles, etc.



A facial is one of the most preferred skin care services in order to get rid of various facial skin conditions. It is one of the best treatments for the face. Facial helps in keeping the skin of face healthy and glowing. It also prevents acne and other skin conditions. If facial done by Studio99 skin care experts then you get then glowing and healthy face. In facial process our experts use high-quality facial products such as steam, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, black mud, fruit acids, vitamins, anti-aging oxidants, etc. Massage, exfoliation and extraction are also the part of facial. If you want to pamper your skin and give it a healthy glow then Studio99 facial service is the right option for you.


Anti-aging Facial

Undoubtedly, the facial is one of the best skin care treatments you have for various facial skin conditions. The facial also helps in make your look younger than your actual age. Be it premature aging or just a natural process of aging, we at Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa provide exclusive anti-aging facial service that makes you look multiple times younger. We use unique technology, right anti-aging facial products and follow right facial procedure to make your look younger and fresh.


Organic Facial

The dirt, pollutions and bacteria welcome you with open arms when you spend a day outside of your home. These hazardous things will try to get inside your skin pores and you may see several facial skin conditions such as acne, pimples, sunburns, etc. To get rid of such skin conditions and keep your face skin fresh and clean, facials are required. Not just any facial, you need organic facial treatment to avoid side effects of chemicals found in modern facial products. You will receive an organic facial treatment at Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa for a younger and fresh looking skin. Our organic facial treatment is highly effective in preventing effects of pollutions in the air, and extreme climate conditions. We offer a range of organic facial services to clean, cleanse, moisturize and hydrate your face skin using herbal products and natural ingredients.


Facial Mask

A facial mask service at Studio99 is a beauty and cleansing treatment which is highly effective in deep-cleansing, preventing acne, healing acne scars, removing dark spots, curing hyper-pigmentation, lightening skin tone, and preventing against several other skin conditions. Our skin care professionals use good quality and organic facial masks for different purposes and different skin conditions. Spend some time at our salon outlet and give a life back to your face skin.


Peel Off Masks

The peel of mask is famous for giving amazing results. It is highly effective in removing marks & spots, smoothening & tightening the skin, peeling away skin impurities & dirt, cleansing the skin, stimulating blood circulation, moisturizing the skin and deep cleansing the pores. With the peel of mask service at Studio99 you will get all the benefits, and you skin will look youthful and radiant.


Skin Bleaching

Don’t worry about your dark complexion. The bleaching would be one of the right ways to lighten skin tone, brighten dark spots and even skin complexion. Visit Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa outlet for skin/face bleaching treatment for the best result. The bleaching would be better option than of spending significant amount of money on expensive dermatologist visits. We offer a range of skin whitening, skin lightening or skin bleaching services such as face bleaching, neck bleaching, full back bleaching, full hands bleaching, half back bleaching, half hands bleaching and full body bleaching. We use natural bleaching agents on your skin to get the desired result. Bleaching service at Studio99 is just for you and orchestrated to give the refreshing and glowing skin.


Face Bleaching

If you want to de-tan your face quickly or want to even out face complexion in effective manner then the face bleaching would be one of the best options you may opt for. Face bleaching service at Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa is highly-effective yet tender on the skin of your face. Just visit one of Studio99 outlets for result-oriented and affordable face bleaching service for getting fresher, fairer and flawless face skin. Our skincare experts bleach your face using right techniques and natural bleaching agents that do not damage or harm the texture of your face skin.


De-Tanning Treatments

The de-tanning treatment service at Studio99 helps you de-tan your skin quickly and undo harmful sun damage. We provide a range of de-tanning services for different parts of the body. You can opt for de-tanning service for full body, legs, face, neck, midriff and back. We use good quality natural de-tanning pack to get the desired result. Our de-tanning service is some of the best ways to give your skin its life back and make it fairer and fresh.


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