Body Care

Are you feeling the effects of physical and psychological stress? Do you want to rejuvenate your body? Are you feeling tired because of excessive workloads? Come, experience the experience at Studio99 for the best body care services. It has never easier to take a break from stress and harmful factors that you face every day. De-stress, refresh, renew and rejuvenate yourself at our salon outlet with excellent body care services and therapies. If you don’t pamper yourself, who will? We offer a range of body care services to meet your preferences and make you feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed. Our body care professionals are well-trained in helping you de-stress, detox and rejuvenate. Trust Studio99 to help for getting the best body care service.


Body Wrap

A body wrap is a kind of a spa treatment that is highly effective in moisturizing and relaxing the entire body. It is also highly-effective in getting rid of cellulite and fat. It can be one of the best gifts you can give to your body. It is an affordable body spa that is also good for your mind, body and skin. By getting boy wrap spa treatment at Studio99 you will see amazing results such as hydrated skin, rejuvenated body, revitalized mind, and improvement in skin texture. You will feel special and your skin will be healthy and glowing. At our outlet you will find cozy environment with aroma candles and soothing music that help you de-stress completely. You should not miss out the best body wrap spa treatment at Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa.


Body Polish & Scrubs

Give a fresher look to your skin with one our indulgent body polishing services. Our body polish & scrub services are exclusively designed for treatment of dry & dehydrated skin, sun-damaged skin, blocked pores, and acne problems. The exfoliation process is done correctly our body care experts in which your body is washed and rub with body scrub compounds to remove dead skin cells and allow a new cells to grow. We provide a range of body polish and body scrub services including bed sea salt polishing, personalized body scrubs, gold body polishing, etc.


Body Massages

Pamper yourself with one of most indulgent body massages services. We offer a range of body massage services including Balinese body massage, western massage, Thai massage, cocoa butter massage, and essential oil massage. Our body massages services are exclusively designed for giving you one of the most heavenly and rejuvenating experiences you can ever have. Full body massage done by our body care experts will help you get rid of all the tension and stress in your system. This will benefit your health and help to relax, rejuvenate, heal, and repair the lost energy of your muscles and tissues. So, experience the best of body massage at Studio99 Unisex Salon & Spa. Invest in yourself and feel rejuvenated and get prepared for the week ahead.


Head Massage

Feeling extremely tired with excessive workloads? Feeling headache & stress? You need head massage done by experts. We specialize in the best head massages to make you feel de-stressed, relaxes and completely rejuvenated. We offer a range of head massage services and they are especially designed to alleviate the aches, anxiety and stress. Our massage therapists are well-trained in different types of head massages and they can make you feel wonder by putting the right amount of pressure with finger tips on your head. We make head massages with coconut oil, essentials oil, mint oil and herbal oil.


Hand Spa (Manicure)

Experience the finest hand spa and manicure service at Studio99. Our manicure service is not meant only for cutting and filing your nails but also meant for making your nails healthy and shiny. The service also includes massages and skin care of hands. Manicure services also focus on nail arts so that they can look stunning & beautiful. Our manicure specialists will not only make your nails & hands beautiful but also impress you with spectacular nail arts and designs. Basic manicure, spa manicure, French manicure, radiant manicure, hot oil manicure, reverse French manicure, American manicure, and gel manicure are popular manicure and nail spa services which we offer.


Foot Spa (Pedicure)

A pedicure is one of the most effective treatments for feet and toenails. Especially popular in women, pedicure service is opted for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Pedicure does not meant only for cutting and filing toenails. It is also helpful in curing cracked heals along with several other benefits. We specialize in foot spa and pedicure service and provide a range of pedicure services including regular & basic pedicure, dry/waterless pedicure, stone pedicure, athletic pedicure, champagne/wine Pedicure French pedicure, spa pedicure, radiant pedicure, intense moisturizing pedicure, anti-oxidant pedicure, de-tanning pedicure, and paraffin pedicure.



Also known as zone therapy, the reflexology is effective in keeping you healthy from inner side which reflects on your skin. In this specific therapy pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques are applied without using any lotion, ointment or oil.


Threading & Waxing

Threading and waxing are procedures of removing unwanted hairs from specific areas. Threading technique is generally used to remove unwanted hairs from the face. Threading service can be opted for hair removal from eyebrow, chin, forehead, upper lip or full face. In threading hair removal procedure is done by the use of a thin thread with expertise and right techniques. Waxing is not meant for hair removal from the face. This technique is used to remove unwanted hairs from the body parts like arms, legs, hands, and bikini line. In waxing procedure, melted waxes are applied on skin and then peeled off by a pad expertly. We specialize in both, threading and waxing. Make your face/skin clean, smooth and glowing with our exclusive threading and waxing services.


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